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"...where nothing else can grow"

Updated: Dec 12, 2021

The upper and lower walkways, stone retaining wall, and boulder clusters which make up this design have essentially been standalone pieces throughout the build process - Each their own small project. This weeks construction of the stairs unites all these individual aspects together and really transforms the project into a cohesive space.

Much of the week was spent deep in a very Fangorn feeling forest hunting for moss covered stones found on north facing hillsides and soggy stream bottoms.

There is something ethereal about new life being supported on material "in which nothing else can grow"(to quote Elizabeth Gilbert) and in my mind these soft green "breathing stones" bring a touch of Tolkienesque Middle Earth to the project....which is never a bad thing.

Each stone was carefully loaded into my tractor bucket as to not damage the delicate moss, and transplanted on the project, which is also north facing and bathed in cool shade most of the day. The hope is the moss will continue to thrive.


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